Brown hair with blonde and copper highlights

# 2 Sombre with Dark Brown Roots

Sombre with Dark Brown RootsSource

hair The smoothness of the shades in this headdress is top notch, and it makes the wearer look marvelous. It is a Sombre color pattern on some long thick locks, and it involves making the brown shade lighter as you move to the tips. The hair also has some lovely chocolate highlights that add to the overall beauty.

# 3 Dimensional Caramel Streaks

Dimensional Caramel StreaksSource  

Highlighting your hair is a good way to enhance their appearance, but the choice of color is what determines how attractive you will look. In this style caramel creates the highlights for the smooth and long tresses. And you should style them by stacking so as to make the lovely highlights visible.

# 4 Deep Red Highlight on Brown Hair

Deep Red Highlight on Brown HairSource

Most people will have a hard time figuring out the shade that highlights these brown locks. And this is because it is a very dark shade of red and it looks very brownish. However it makes the short stacked bob look amazing, and you can also take the appearance a notch higher with some subtle blonde streaks.

# 5 Stunning Golden Blonde Curls

Stunning Golden Blonde CurlsSource

The tone of these long curls is stunning and although they also have a lovely styling and cut it is what makes them stand out. The tresses have a brown base, but the golden blonde color is the most dominant hue. Golden blonde is a lovely shade, and it also gives the curly locks a beautiful shine.

# 6 Creative Blonde Peek-a-Boo

Creative Blonde Peek-a-BooSource

Peek-a-boo is very trendy, and this is because they make hairdos look very modern. In this style, the blonde peek-a-boo makes the curls lock exquisite. And the good thing with this color pattern is that you can control how visible you want the blonde streaks to be.

# 7 Lavish Blonde Hues on a Brown Base

Lavish Blonde Hues on a Brown BaseSource

You do not always have to make it evident that you have some highlights on your hair as this is not the only way to create an elegant headdress. In this style, the blonde hue blends into the dark brown base to create a distinct tone that looks very natural. And when you style the strands in an updo design it is not easy to tell that they have some highlights.

# 8 Romantic Natural Curls

Romantic Natural CurlsSource

The volume of these natural curly locks is amazing and their afro inspired styling is also top notch. However, they also have an amazing dye job, and it involves introducing golden and light brown highlights on the dark brown base.

# 9 Majestic Beach Waves

Majestic Beach WavesSource

Beach waves couldn’t look better than this as they have everything that a woman would ever wish for on her headdress. The strands have a perfect volume and a cute face frame style that adds some detail to the waves. However, it is the subtle blonde streaks that give the design its majestic tone.

# 10 Neat Dark Purple Hairs

Neat Dark Purple HairsSource

Although the overall tone of these locks is dark purple, it comes from introducing some lovely red streaks in a peek-a-boo design to a dark brown hair. However, the dark brown hair also has a hint of black, and this is what gives the long straight locks the dark purple shade.

# 11 Ravishing Beachy Hair

Ravishing Beachy HairSource

This style starts with a straight hair and uses a curling iron to transform it into some fabulous beach waves. Although the volume is what makes the waves look amazing, the ravishing look in the design comes from the light blonde highlights on the lower half of the locks. For styling, you should chop the ends to make them blunt and sweep your strands into a face frame.

# 12 Easy and Messy Balayage

Easy and Messy BalayageSource

It is hard to go wrong with a balayage dye job, and the good thing about it is that it is also effortless, and it gives you a natural look. In this style, the wavy locks are hand painted with subtle copper partial highlights. You should then finish the design with slight layering and by making the strands messy.

# 13 Sun-Kissed Brown Lob

Sun-Kissed Brown LobSource

This long bob has a perfect cut, and it also has some lovely full strands but its dye job is magnificent, and it is what makes it look very fashionable. The base color is brown, but it has some hand painted streaks of blonde and caramel. To style your Lob, you only need a center part and finish the look by brushing back the strands.

# 14 Razor Cut and layered Brunette Locks

Razor Cut and layered Brunette LocksSource

Brunette is a natural hair color, and so it will always make your strands look refined without making it obvious that they have a dye job. In this design, it works perfectly with the dark brown shade to make the long and textured locks look marvelous. And you should finish the style by pushing them back in layers.

# 15 Fresh Red Highlights

Fresh Red HighlightsSource

Red highlights are perfect for your summer look, and they will breathe some life into any hairstyle. In this style, they make the short choppy bob look splendid, and they blend in with the natural shade to create an adorable tone. The locks have a nice texture and some fancy waves, and so you will not need to give them any complicated styling.

# 16 Balayage with Lilac Peek-a-Boos

Balayage with Lilac Peek-a-BoosSource

These strands have a minor cut and a simple styling, but they look very exquisite due to their color. And as complicated as the shade may look it is very easy to achieve because you only need to introduce some lilac peek-a-boo streaks to the brown hair.

# 17 Natural Brown to Rich Red Transformation

Natural Brown to Rich Red TransformationSource

The transformation from a natural brown shade to a rich red hue is magnificent, and it makes these long locks look very dimensional. Apart from this lovely red shade these strands also have some beautiful blonde streaks, and you should style them by sweeping them back.

# 18 Charming Blonde Partial Highlights

Charming Blonde Partial HighlightsSource

This headdress combines ombre with some partial highlights to create an impressive dye job. The choice of color is also vital because blonde accentuates brown locks nicely to give them an adorable appearance. Apart from this the strands also have some lovely waves and a smooth brush back style.

# 19 Sun Kissed Brown Locks

Sun Kissed Brown LocksSource

The sun-kissed look in this design comes from introducing some light brown streaks on black hair. These strands look very natural due to the color choice and dye technique. The hair also has some cute curls and a fabulous styling with a side part.

# 20 Sexy and Messy Blonde Streaks

Sexy and Messy Blonde StreaksSource

Hand painted highlights are perfect for every woman who wants to keep a natural looking headdress like this one. Here the medium length stands have a nice choppy cut and a perfect tone that comes from blending some light blonde streaks into a natural brown hair. You should then style it by making the strands slightly messy.

# 21 Gray on Platinum Blonde

Gray on Platinum BlondeSource

If you have some long waves locks like these, you should give them a lovely shade to make them look elegant. In this style, the colors that give it the beautiful tone are gray and platinum blonde. The two hues combine to create an appealing shade that will make your brown locks look attractive.

# 22 Blunt Balayage Locks

Blunt Balayage LocksSource

These blunt strands have a typical hand painted dye job that makes them look exquisite. The hair has an ombre dye job that involves transitioning from a black base color to a blend of brown shades. Although the colors are perfect, the texture that the blunt cuts create also enhances the appearance.

# 23 Shimmering Brunette Highlights

Shimmering Brunette HighlightsSource

Although there are many ways that you can color your hair you should use a shade that is close to your natural one if you want to give your strands an easy update. The shade of brown on this design is very close to the natural brunette tone, and so this creates a shimmery effect. You should start the highlights on the crown and spread them throughout to maintain a natural look.

# 24 Ash Blonde on Beach Waves

Ash Blonde on Beach WavesSource

The ash blonde shade on this headdress is very subtle, but it still makes the brown locks look fantastic. It blends into the base color flawlessly, and it does not make it look obvious that the strands have a dye job because they still look very natural. The hair also has some lovely cuts that create a thin fringe and some thick wavy tresses.

# 25 Natural Bronde Highlights

Natural Bronde HighlightsSource

Hand painted blend of brown and blonde with always give you some amazing highlights and you only need to come up with an original pattern for them. In this style, the two shades spice up the long and wavy strands to create some appealing natural highlights.

# 26 Red Streaks for Straight Strands

Red Streaks for Straight StrandsSource

Redheads are magnificent, but you do not have to dye all your strands red to wear this look since you can still use some highlights. This design has some red streaks that you should paint with a lot of precision if you want your smooth straight locks to look this attractive. For the cut, you should chop the straight locks to create a fringe and then brush the rest to the sides and back.

# 27 Gorgeous Caramel on Blowout Waves

Gorgeous Caramel on Blowout WavesSource

Caramel is a charming tone that will add some class and style to your wavy brown locks. The shade is hand painted to create some beautiful highlights, but it also blends into the brown to create a lovely tone. However, the hair also has an excellent volume and some gentle waves that add to the beauty.

# 28 Partial Highlights on Virgin Hair

Partial Highlights on Virgin HairSource

Coloring virgin hair is very fun since you can experiment with any shade that you wish. And the good thing is that you can almost never go wrong especially if you have some healthy locks. In this style, the virgin hair gets beautiful golden brown highlights that look magnificent when the strands are stacked.

# 29 Pretty Balayage Lob

Pretty Balayage LobSource

A long bob is an easy hairdo to create, and it is also very attractive. However, you can always use some color to spice it up and in this particular style, it has a perfect hand painted dye job. The color involves color melting a blend of light brown and blonde into a dark brown base to create an elegantly highlighted design.

# 30 Choppy Asymmetrical Bob

Choppy Asymmetrical BobSource

The face frame and asymmetrical design that these locks form are breathtaking, but the color also plays a vital role in creating the look. And it comes from blending different shades of brown and darkening the roots so as to create an ombre pattern.

# 31 Purple and Black Hair

Purple and Black HairSource

Purple may not be a natural color, but it gives you a great way to add an edge to your hairdo. In this style, it makes the short cropped bob cut look fantastic. And although the purple streaks are very moderate their brightness still manages to spice up the short strands to make them look outstanding.

# 32 Stunning Light Brown Locks

Stunning Light Brown LocksSource

You can never go wrong with a hand painted dye job, and you only have to choose the right color and dyeing technique to create a refined look like this one. Here the strands have a black base hue, and they are hand painted in an ombre pattern that involves transitioning to light brown. However, the smoothness of the straight locks also adds to the beauty of the design. You should style the strands with a soft center part and by sweeping them back.

# 33 Elegant Warm Coppers

Elegant Warm CoppersSource

Warm copper shades are very trendy, and they have the ability to enhance the appearance of any woman. In this style, they also have Sombre balayage dye job that not only spices them up but also takes the appearance of the wearer a notch higher. The cut in this style involves chopping the strands to make them blunt and then styling with simple layering.

# 34 Super Cool Peek-a-Boo Highlights

Super Cool Peek-a-Boo HighlightsSource

Peek-a-boo highlights are very stylish and if you use a distinct shade like the blue on this design you can be sure of a top notch hairdo. Here the short strands also have some smooth waves and a fabulous shine that makes them look fantastic when you style by layering them.

# 35 Dazzling Caramel Balayage

Dazzling Caramel BalayageSource

These long locks are very adorable, and they have an incredible volume and some lovely waves. However, their color makes them look fancy and elegant, and it is a simple balayage dye job that involves introducing a caramel hue to some dark brown strands.

# 36 Chocolate Rose Swirls

Chocolate Rose SwirlsSource

Chocolate Brown is an attractive color, and it is also not as common as other shades of brown. This shade is what makes the medium length swirly locks in this headdress look marvelous. The strands also have some subtle rose gold streaks that help to give them some dimension.

# 37 Red Blonde Highlights

Red Blonde HighlightsSource

This hairdo combines various shades to create a very refined look. It has some sweet red and blonde highlight and some fancy light brown lowlights. The lowlights and highlights are hand painted, and they make the natural brunette locks look very exquisite.

# 38 Asymmetrical Bob with Ash Blonde Streaks

Asymmetrical Bob with Ash Blonde StreaksSource

An asymmetrical bob is a modern hairdo that will always look good on any woman and its beauty comes from getting the cut right and also by giving it some subtle shades. In this design, the Bob has a brown base shade and some ash blonde streaks that give it an elegant tone.

# 39 Braided Honey Brown Sombre

Braided Honey Brown SombreSource

A simple braid at the front section of your voluminous free flowing locks will help you create a fantastic headdress. And if you have an attractive color like this honey brown shade in an ombre pattern then you will get a very classy appearance.

# 40 Smokey and Creamy Highlights

Smokey and Creamy HighlightsSource

The choice of hues in this hairstyle could not be better because they create some vibrant highlights that make the thick wavy locks look creamy and sassy. However, the flat brown base is also splendid, and it adds some gorgeousness to the style. 

# 41 Stacked Honey Brown Locks with a Hint of Gray

Stacked Honey Brown Locks with a Hint of GraySource

Honey brown is a classy color that you can use to create some lovely highlights or as your base color like in this particular design. Here it forms a smooth base, and it has a Sombre pattern that comes from making it lighter towards the ends. It also has a subtle hint of gray, and you should style the locks by stacking them from a side-part line.

# 42 Flamboyant Caramel Bangs

Flamboyant Caramel BangsSource

The asymmetry on this hairdo is incredible, and it makes the neat bangs and the fringe look marvelous. Even with such a perfect cut you still need a beautiful color, and this style gets this from some flamboyant caramel highlights that create an eye-catching pattern with the brown base. 

# 43 Sexy Brown Blowout with Streaks

Sexy Brown Blowout with StreaksSource

A blowout would look good in any color, but this one looks unique because it has a lovely brown shade with light blonde highlights. Apart from the choice of hues, they are also hand painted, and this adds to the beauty. And for styling you only need to brush your strands in layers to the sides.

# 44 Warm Wavy Lob

Warm Wavy LobSource

The warmth of this long bob comes from the use of a light caramel shade to highlight some dark brown locks. Apart from the color choice and the pattern the strands also have a nice choppy cut, and you should style by brushing them back.

# 45 Blonde Toned Waves Curls on Brown Hair

Blonde Toned Waves Curls on Brown HairSource

Everything about this headdress is very inventive, and this is what makes it look very classy. The long straight locks have some curls on the tips, but this is not the only thing that makes the style stand out. It has an attractive ombre color pattern that involves transitioning from a brown base to blonde on the curly ends.

# 46 Fashionable Brown Locks with Peek-a-Boo

Fashionable Brown Locks with Peek-a-BooSource

These long straight locks are very fashionable, and so they are ideal for every modern woman who wants to keep up with the times. Although the brown shade is the most dominant in the design, the strands also have some astonishing blonde peek-a-boo streaks that help to spice up the overall appearance.

# 47 Hot Chocolate Balayage

Hot Chocolate BalayageSource

When looking at this picture, it is easy to think that it has some filters because it looks very perfect. This style is a product of innovative hand painting and everything about it is real. It is a balayage ombre that involves spicing up a chocolate brown hair with some lovely highlights to make it look stunning.

# 48 Partial Ashy Highlights

Partial Ashy HighlightsSource

Partial streaks are a modern way to enhance the appearance of your hair without having to use colors throughout. However, just like with any color pattern you have to choose the right shades, and this one uses some sweet blonde hues to create some beautiful partial highlight on the dark toned locks.

# 49 Dusty Rose with Pink Streaks

Dusty Rose with Pink StreaksSource

Dusty Rose is a gentle shade that gives a woman a very feminine and confident look. Although it looks perfect on its own, you should take its appearance a notch higher with some beautiful pink highlights like in this design. However, the textured cut in this style also helps to enhance the appearance of your shades, and you should style the locks by making them messy and sweeping them to the back.

# 50 Blunt and Wavy Brown Hairs

Blunt and Wavy Brown HairsSource

This hairstyle looks very effortless, but it comes from very intricate cuts that give the strands a blunt look. Apart from this cut the locks have a nice texture that also originates from the cut. The other things that make this style stand out are the blend of brown shades with a hint of blond and the messy styling. The length of the locks is also vital as it gives you enough space to show off your beautiful hues.

# 51 Subtle Bronde Balayage Ombre

Subtle Bronde Balayage OmbreSource

The color blend between brown and blonde is magnificent, and it will make a lady look very fashionable. In this style, the two shades combine in an ombre pattern to give the straight locks an exceptional tone that will brighten up your overall appearance and also add some style to your looks. The drastic transition from the dark brown base to the blonde shade looks fabulous, and it makes the long and smooth strands look very elegant. And with such a perfect color you do not even need to do any intricate styling because a simple side sweep to create a face frame is enough.

# 52 Brunette Color Melt

Brunette Color MeltSource

Brunette strands form an excellent base color because you can use almost any color that you wish to highlight them. In this design, it has some lovely light brown and blonde highlights that are free hands painted to make the style look very natural. The hair also has an excellent cut and texture that make it easy to style with a side part and side sweep.

# 53 Textured Ash Highlights

Textured Ash HighlightsSource

This headdress is a perfect idea for any woman with long locks and wants to wear a dark hair with highlights. It starts by chopping the ends of your long wavy strands to give them some texture. You should then highlight the locks with a subtle ash blonde hue to create a perfect tone and style by brushing them back.

# 54 Stacked Multicolored Bob

Stacked Multicolored BobSource

The colors on this Bob are amazing, and they prove that you can still get a stylish appearance by mixing several hues. To replicate this look, you should give your short angular bob cut some purple, blonde and light brown highlights and then style them by stacking. You should also have a brown base color if you want to look this good.

# 55 Soft and Choppy Blonde Streaks

Soft and Choppy Blonde StreaksSource

Kate Beckinsale loves to keep long textured locks and in this style, she still maintains this look. However, she spices them up with a soft hand painted blonde hue and then finishes the look by sweeping her textured strands into a face frame.

# 56 Layered Chocolate Locks

Layered Chocolate LocksSource

The volume of these locks is marvelous, but it also has an inventive layered style that makes the locks look stunning. However, Jennifer Lawrence would not look this good without the sweet chocolate streaks on her dark brown base. The chocolate highlights accentuate her light skin tone to give her an adorable look.

# 57 Brown Tresses with a Golden Tint

Brown Tresses with a Golden TintSource

There are many ways to spice up your brown locks, and if you have a beautiful natural base, you will not have to do much to create an exquisite look. All that Selena Gomez needs to do in this style is introduce a shiny golden hue to make her brown locks look very elegant. She also has some lovely long locks that she designs by layering and making them slightly messy.

# 58 Appealing Swirls with Partial Blonde Streaks

Appealing Swirls with Partial Blonde StreaksSource

Jennifer Lopez almost never goes wrong with her hairstyle regardless of what she chooses to wear. And this is because she has some lovely voluminous and long locks. In this particular headdress, all she needs to do is chop her strands slightly and then introduce some hand painted partial blonde streaks to create a stylish look.

# 59 Charming Honey Brown Coils

Charming Honey Brown CoilsSource

This style is all about the honey brown highlights as they make it look very charming and trendy. Apart from the color the long locks also have some lovely coils that make Sandra Bullock look like the stylish woman she is. She also has a creative styling that involves creating a side part and sweeping the hairs sideways and over the shoulder.

# 60 Shoulder-Grazing Bangs

Shoulder-Grazing BangsSource

The ombre pattern in this design is top notch, and it helps to give Mila Kunis a fashionable look. She creates the ombre by transitioning from a black base to a chocolate brown hue. Mila also has a cute style that involves parting the locks at the center and sweeping them to the sides.

Even if you do not have a perfect volume, length or texture you can never go wrong with brown hair with highlights. All you need is to have a good haircut and choose some delightful shades to highlight your brown locks. And if you are looking for some inspiration on what you can try out the above 60 styles will give you more than enough ideas.


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Brown hair with blonde and copper highlights

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Brown hair with blonde and copper highlights


Brown hair with blonde and copper highlights


Brown hair with blonde and copper highlights


Brown hair with blonde and copper highlights


Brown hair with blonde and copper highlights


Brown hair with blonde and copper highlights


Brown hair with blonde and copper highlights


Brown hair with blonde and copper highlights


Brown hair with blonde and copper highlights


Brown hair with blonde and copper highlights


Brown hair with blonde and copper highlights


Brown hair with blonde and copper highlights


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