Fade haircut styles for white men 2017

100+ Cool Short Haircuts for Men

Updated June 21, 2017 For most men short haircuts and short hairstyles are the go-to look. That's because short hair is so easy to manage. Simply towel dry, use a small amount of hair product, work the hair into the desired style and go. Some cuts can even skip the styling. Short styles look and feel great, with longer on hair on top to work with and short sides and back that are clean cut all. These are Continue Reading

Curly Hairstyles For Men

Curly hair can be a challenge but at the same time it is unique and can offer some really cool and original looks. Here is a plethora of curly hairstyles for men that you can try out whether you have short hair or longer hair. The hottest trend for curly hair men's hairstyles is to keep the sides and back clean and short with a cool fade while growing out the fringe (bangs) in front and the hair on top. We are Continue Reading

Hairstyles For Men With Thick Hair

Thick hair is awesome. If you have it consider yourself lucky. There is so much you can do with thick hair and it always seems to look the coolest. These are our top picks for hairstyles for men with thick hair as we head into 2017. Cool Medium Hairstyle For Thick Hair Haircut by Morris Motley This is a very cool hairstyle to get if you have medium length thick hair. If your hair is short, grow it out the Continue Reading

80 New Hairstyles For Men 2017

Are you ready for 2017? With less than 2 weeks to go in 2016 it is time to pick out your new look for the New Year. This is our guide to the best new hairstyles for men being cut and styled by the best barbers and hairdressers around the world. In this post we review 80 different types of hairstyles for men including: New and trending hairstyles The best hairstyles for men Short hairstyles for men Continue Reading

Textured Hairstyles For Men

Textured cuts and styles have been a hot trend the past 12 months. Scissor cut texture adds definition and volume that can be enhanced with styling. For short hair, try a messy crop while textured spikes work for any length. The texture trends adds a modern twist to classic hairstyles too, adding separation and tousled finishes to pomps, combover and quiffs. If you have wavy or curly hair, it's all about a Continue Reading

100+ New Men’s Hairstyles For 2017

Happy New Year! I can hear the echoes of joy as we are just weeks away from closing off 2016 and diving full force into 2017. Yes indeed, time flies. And so, we present the Men's Hairstyle Trends guide to the top 100 men's hairstyles for 2017. With each new year comes a brand new collection of modern haircuts for men and fresh men's hairstyles. Over the last few weeks we have looked at thousands of the Continue Reading

Cool Men’s Hairstyles with Beards

What men's hairstyles look best with beards? Hair can be any length and so can the beard. It really depends on the hair more than the beard. Anything that works with for your hair type and face shape is still the best bet. Cool men's hairstyles with beards can be anything from a shaved head to long hair and any length in between. Fades look great with beards too because they can seamlessly transition into facial Continue Reading

The Fauxhawk (aka Fohawk) Haircut

The faux hawk haircut, also known as the fohawk, is a men's hairstyle trend with a lengthy reign as a popular men's haircut. That's because this hairstyle is easy to style, can work at any length and with a wide range of haircuts. And of course it looks good on everyone. As the name "fake mohawk" indicates, this hairstyle resembles the iconic hairstyle without the commitment of shaving most of the head and spiking Continue Reading

27 Fade Haircuts For Men

The type of fade you get has a dramatic effect on the way your fresh haircut and hairstyle is going to look. Lets go over all the types of fade haircuts that you can ask your barber to give you at your upcoming visits. If you want a super clean men's haircut then you will want to get a cool fade. Outside of the area of your hair that gets faded you can go with short hair on top, or a medium to long length of hair Continue Reading

15 Fresh Men’s Short Haircuts

Updated on 4 November 2016 If you want short hair that is easy to style but looks great, look no further than these men's short haircuts. Featuring some of the latest trends and most popular haircuts adapted for all hair types, here are low maintenance, high style looks. 1. Short Hair + Undercut Viroga's Barber It's just a little bit of length on top and ultra short sides but it looks so good. Work in a Continue Reading

The Mid Fade Haircut

We've already talked about the high fade and low fade. If neither of those are for you, maybe the medium fade is just right. Landing somewhere in below the temples and above the neck, the mid fade raises the hairline for a dramatic effect. The medium skin fade ends up emphasizing hair on top. What hair is on top? Anything you like. Check out these pictures or 5 ways to rock the mid fade haircut. 1. Mid Skin Fade Continue Reading

5 High Fade Haircuts

The high fade as almost completely replaced the undercut as the way to cut the sides and back of hair ultra short. While the undercut is still cool, the all one length style creates a disconnect haircut, with a sharp contrast between shaved and longer hair. The high fade creates a gradient between hair and skin for a more subtle transition. These high fades bring hair short up near the top of the head but go down Continue Reading

6 Ways to Wear a Low Fade

A fade is a stylish and modern addition to any men's hairstyle. What is a fade haircut? Instead of cutting hair into one length at thes sides and a defined line at the neck, a fade tapers hair down from short to shorter and with a bald fade, down to the skin. Fade haircuts can start up high, down low, or in the middle of the head. Here we take a look at 6 ways to wear a low fade. As you'll see, a fade works with Continue Reading

21 Cool Hairstyles for Men

From classic cuts with a modern twist to the most popular looks, check out these pictures of cool hairstyles for men. With something for every hair types, these guys haircuts feature many of the latest men's hair trends. Look for styles with a natural finish, texture or spikes and cuts with fades of all kinds, hair designs and shaved lines. Last but not least, making the most of your hair type, whether it is fine Continue Reading

27 Haircut Styles for Men 2016

Looking your very best takes more than a great haircut, although that it is necessary too. The hottest looks are a combination of the right cut plus on trend styling. A few of the hot haircuts are short crops, medium length hair on top and all kinds of taper fades. There are two major styling trends for men right now, texture and natural. Textured looks add defined segments to hair in pomps, crops and spikes. Use Continue Reading

The Neck Taper

The taper fade is a cool and clean cut addition to any hairstyle. If you're not up for a high fade, low fade or hi-lo fade, the neck taper could be that fresh finishing touch. The neckline is an important detail because that is where noticeably grows back first. How that regrowth looks depend the type of neckline. 1. Tapered Neckline Tommie McGuckin The tapered neckline looks natural and looks cleanest while Continue Reading

50 Cool Guy’s Haircuts

Updated on November 4 2016 Summer heat means more casual dress from head to toe. For hair, that can translate to shorter cuts, messier styles or down-to-the-skin fades. There are ways to make every hairstyle easier to wear for this busy season. Short haircuts for men are an obvious way to stay cool while looking good. For a trendy style that is growing in popularity, check out the textured crop. The cut layers Continue Reading

5 Guys Haircuts with Cool Details

Talented barbering is an art and a craft. The fundamentals involve finding a cut that works best for your features and hair type. Artistry is all about creativity and the skills to execute precise lines and blurry fades. These 5 guy's haircuts all feature details that take hair to the next level. Some of these features are bold, others are subtle, but they are all the result of talented barbering. 1. Surgical Continue Reading

Trendy Hairstyles for Men: The V-Shaped Neckline

The combination of two hair trends, the fade and hair designs, is leading to all kinds of creative and new hairstyles for men. One of them stands out for it's simplicity and bold style. The V-shaped neckline shapes the nape into a point instead of the usual straight line. This fresh style can be added to any men's haircut, long or short. Check out these pictures for 3 cool ways to wear the V-cut neck. If you Continue Reading

22 Haircuts for Black Men

After many reader requests, here's a post dedicated to hairstyles and haircuts for black men. There are so many options for these fresh styles from close cropped waves to natural twists to geometric flat tops with retro flair. Most of these styles are a combination of texture on top, a line up and taper fade. Create your own unique style by choosing length on top, type of curls and the placement of the fade. Continue Reading

20 Very Short Haircuts for Men

There is so much more to very short haircuts for men than setting a razor guard and shaving your head. And you can't do it at home. Hit up the barber to sharpen up that buzz with a line up and blurry fade. Or for some length on top, go for a short combover or textured crop. These cool cuts work for every hair type, whether you are trying to manage thick or curly hair, get ready for summer or don't have the time or Continue Reading

Top 100 Men’s Hairstyles & Haircuts For Men

Updated on 4 November 2016 We review 1000's of new men's hairstyles and cool haircuts every week created by the best barbers in the world. In this post we take a look back over what we have seen so far in 2016. For the latest trends check out "Top 100 Men's Hairstyles 2017". The top trends at the moment are longer messier hair on top combined with a variety of fades, undercuts and plenty of surgical lines Continue Reading

25 New Men’s Hairstyles

If want a trendy haircut, look here or here. This is about never seen before styles. We've searched the best barbers across Instagram for the latest, dopest, most unique looks, and have gathered 25 awesome new men's hairstyles to try out. These fresh men's hairstyles feature fades, surgical parts and texture in ways you haven't seen before. With options for straight, curly and kinky hair, there is definitely one Continue Reading

35 Cool Men’s Hairstyles

It's very easy to get that same haircut, buy that same product, and style your hair exactly as you have always done over and over again. Low risk, easy. But it's kind of boring and doing the "same old, same old" is not going to get you noticed. Stay cool and try out some contemporary looks and modern men's hairstyles. When you go to the barber for your next haircut, take a picture of a new and totally different Continue Reading

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60+ New Haircuts For Men For 2016

Updated on 4 November 2016. Here we are, one month into 2016. Perfect timing to try out a new style and get noticed as the new year kicks off! We have a wide variety of fresh new haircuts for men, including some modern undercuts, new pompadours, textured looks of all hair lengths and cool hair designs plus many examples of super clean fades. Check out these pictures to find your next cut. Be sure to bring it Continue Reading

20 Classic Men’s Hairstyles With A Modern Twist

Retro styles are making a comeback because they look as good today as they did in the past. Slick styles, pompadours and loose fringe are all here again. Now many of these styles are worn with other flattering features like undercuts and fades at the sides or matte product and textured styling on top. Check out these pictures that show how modern barbering is bringing back all the best cuts but with a fresh Continue Reading

Top 10 Fade Haircuts

It was all about embellishing the fade haircut for men in 2015. Don't expect this trend to disappear too soon, there will be plenty more variations of the fade in 2016. We took a look back at what we saw this year and picked out these top 10 super clean and cool looking men's fade haircuts. Each has a different style and length of hair on top. 10. Super Short + Clean Haircut by Giovanni McGlasson For the Continue Reading

39 Best Men’s Haircuts To Start 2016

Updated on November 4 2016 These are 39 of the best men's haircuts cut and styled by the best barbers worldwide. We first take a look at a group of textured haircuts for men, then pompadours, undercuts, good haircuts for curly hair, short hair haircuts, and finally haircuts with medium to longer lengths of hair and short sides. Textured Men's Haircuts 1. Nice Smooth Fade With Texture On Top Haircut Continue Reading

45+ Top Haircut Styles For Men

As I have said lately the end of 2015 has been a highly creative time for cool men's hairstyles and new haircuts. Barbers are mashing up all sorts of cool features in their latest haircuts. So here is a great set of the top haircut styles for men going into 2016 that we are seeing coming out of barber shops all over the world. The undercut is still going strong, we just see new versions and different twists as Continue Reading

55+ Popular Men’s Hairstyles + Haircuts 2016

Updated on 4 November 2016 Here are the latest cool hairstyles for men that we have hand picked for you being cut and styled by the best barbers around the world. This week we have added some new styles and some new barbers into the mix. We present a wide variety of cool haircuts and men's hairstyles. They are today's take on popular men's hairstyles that have been going strong for the past couple years. You'll Continue Reading

71 Cool Men’s Hairstyles

Updated on 10 February 2017 The holiday season is in full swing so we have another set of cool men's hairstyles for you, so you can look good at all the parties. Barbers around the world are busy working hard and putting out some great new styles out every single day. Creativity is at an all-time high right now in barber shops. So many new hairstyles for men to choose from. We have added new barbers to the mix Continue Reading

Tom Chapman Hair Design: Men’s Hair Trends 2016

The new year will be here before you know it and along with it will come hot new fashion trends. For men's hair, we predict that volume will come back in a big way. Check out a few of the upcoming men's hair trends for 2016 from one of our favorite barbers, Tom Chapman Hair Design in Torquay, England. The always cutting edge stylist was a finalist in both the Great British Barber Bash Competition and WAHL British Continue Reading

49 New Hairstyles For Men

Updated on 31 October 2016 So here we are in 2016. Men's hair and men's styling techniques have never been more interesting and exciting. Lets take a look at the current men's hairstyle trends we are seeing right now from the best barbers in the world. The new hairstyles for men that you will you see during the upcoming holiday and party season and beyond into the new year are a lot of longer hair hairstyles Continue Reading

35+ Men’s Hairstyles And Haircuts

The trend for men's haircuts this Fall 2015 are all about keeping some length to work with on top and styling the hair with a blow dryer to give it a nice natural wavy look. It is totally possible to work a lot of movement and life into the hair without using a tonne of product. We are seeing all sorts of combinations whether it be faded and longer on top, or cut with shears neatly on the sides to give the style Continue Reading

3 Ways to Wear the Blowout Haircut

The blowout haircut didn't start or end with the Jersey. Also known as a temple fade, this cut is shaved short at the temples. The fade stops just behind the ear and can go up to the top of the temple or as far as the corner of the forehead. It's a more subtle way to add in an undercut or fade to your look. Or for a bit more coverage, try the burst fade, a similar cut that tapers hair all the way around the Continue Reading

80+ Popular Men’s Haircuts + Hairstyles

Every day new hairstyles and cool haircuts for men are popping up. Never before has there been so much creativity in the world of barbering. It's amazing! Barbers are mashing up different styles and producing some really cool looks. There are some classic cuts, fades, and side part combovers but a lot of the latest trends are showing off longer natural hair on top with short sides. Lets take a look at 100+ of the Continue Reading

5 Popular Men’s Haircuts of 2015

There are so many cool hairstyle trends for men this year. If you don't know where to start, here are 5 of the most popular men's haircuts of 2015. These updates on classic men's hairstyles are back because they look good on all guys. They also work for all hair types so there are no excuses not to try one (or all) of these cuts. As always, talk to your barber if you have any questions about what looks good on Continue Reading

21 Fresh Haircuts for Black Men

It's the year of the fade but that's not all. Other crispy haircut trends include hair engravings, from the razor part to team logos. For the hair line, shape ups are one of those styles cuts that won't go anywhere. And for something new and different, mix and match a line up, taper, and hair design. Check out these pictures for 21 fresh haircuts for black men from some of the hottest barbers on Instagram. There Continue Reading

Modern Undercut Hairstyles 2015

Thanks to the creativity of all the barbers out there, new and different hairstyles are always being introduced. Lately, a lot of men's haircuts are a combination of vintage barbering like undercuts and fades with longer hair on top styled in fresh ways. Here's a cool look that is one of the modern undercut hairstyles for men 2015. Barber Mikey Henger created this style to require a minimum amount of product. The Continue Reading

21 Best Fade Haircuts from Instagram

The fade haircut has been one of the hottest men's hair trends of recent years. This version of the undercut features a tapered transition from short hair down to the skin. If it's really good, the effect should be a blur. Fades aren't just one cut though. It can be as simple at the side burns and neckline, the temples, or an inch above the hairline. Or for a sleeker cut, go for a high fade. Faded hairstyles Continue Reading

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Fade haircut styles for white men 2017

[Sunday 25 June Pipe up Kenzo and Officine Generale have become the latest two labels to.

Fade haircut styles for white men 2017


Fade haircut styles for white men 2017


Fade haircut styles for white men 2017


Fade haircut styles for white men 2017


Fade haircut styles for white men 2017


Fade haircut styles for white men 2017


Fade haircut styles for white men 2017


Fade haircut styles for white men 2017


Fade haircut styles for white men 2017


Fade haircut styles for white men 2017


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